Floor Plans

Studio Apartment

Designed for couples and small families, this stylish unit has the following features:

  1. Large, open and convenient modish units with ample space for bed and living.
  2. Each unit has a dedicated kitchenette and washroom.

One Bedroom Apartment

Designed for small families, this front facing beautiful unit has the following features:

  1. One bed room with 1 full bath room.
  2. A living (Drying/ Dining) room with a kitchen and laundry area.
  3. A front facing balcony with stunning views of the valley.

Two Bed Room Apartment

Elegantly designed for large sized families, this magnificent front facing, centrally located unit has the following features:

  1. Two bed rooms with 2 full bath rooms
  2. A spacious living (Drying/ Dining) room with a Kitchen and laundry area
  3. A large open front facing balcony with the most beautiful view of the valley

Pent House

With a total area of 2600 square feet this front facing, centrally located, top floor Pent House is impeccably designed for the most luxurious living experience where residents will enjoy the most stunning panoramic views of the valley. Only a few in number, these exquisite units – the best The Green Heights has to offer – will have the following features:
1. A spacious master bed room with a large master bathroom equipped with all amenities
2. Two regular bed rooms with attached bath rooms
3. A beautiful open kitchen with a front granite counter bar
4. An elegantly finished spacious living room strategically located towards the front with a glass wall in the front to provide the most exquisite views of the valley
5. A large balcony in the front with ample sitting area where residents will enjoy clear and most spectacular views of Kalam.

Architectural Floor Plan