About The Green Heights

The Green Heights is a project of Vision Green Constructions (VGC) in collaboration with STAR Marketing (Pvt.) LTD as the Marketing and Sales  Partners.

Vision Green Constructions is a firm devised by a team of expatriate Pakistanis in Canada and USA to promote an environment friendly “green” construction in Pakistan. We are particularly interested in development and construction in the most pristine natural locations of the country which is why we chose Kalam for this hallmark project. Our aim is to provide contemporary state of the art living and entertainment facilities right in the heart of nature while maintaining the natural landscape, integrity, and beauty of these locations. VGC stands on principles of absolute professionalism & excellence in service delivery and promises to deliver quality results in a timely manner. We pledge a lasting relationship with our clients based on the values of respect, honesty, and transparency and look forward to engaging with you for a productive and fulfilling experience.

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